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As Managers it is important that we hold ourselves accountable for the

success of the team & that we check in with our personal progress by asking ourselves these important questions consistently:

1) What do I hope to personally achieve in my career? On a sheet of paper or in a journal, Write out your long term goals & aim big (larger than your current scope of work). 

2) How does my success in this position get me closer to my larger career/personal goals?

3) What does the company need most from me right now? Am I meeting these needs in actions & attitude?

4) If no, what obstacles are standing in my way? Am I confident in my role? Is there something more I could be doing or learning?  Is there more I feel I need from the company to meet my goals?


5) Can I break down the obstacles above into attainable actions that can be taken on weekly & daily Basses? 

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