The Index

Updated: May 13, 2019

We often hear guests discussing our extensive collection of photos & (sometimes outlandish) decor in The Kitchen. This post is an ongoing catalogue of all our knick knacks and why they made the walls!

Where to Start?

On the Left as you enter there are three window seats, the largest picture located here was originally a magazine article about one of our opening day bartenders, A.J. Monk.

When A.J. resigned from The Kitchen, staff playfully swapped his face for a passport photo cut out of, Fidel Murphy's Public House's longtime bartender, Jarlath Sheridan.

Silver picture frame: The kids of Fidel's playing at our 2017 Staff Christmas Party.

Books & Wall Decor: All books & Knick Knacks found on this wall were purchased at Cayman Consignment...we welcome any further background information on these items if any locals have it!

The Picture Wall:

Clockwise beginning with Red Frame: John's Grandpa Fishing, John's mum, John & Cait's first dance, Cait's granddad with her aunty & uncle

Cait's granddad at the family cottage in Quebec, Canada

Top Black Frame: Summer vacation in Canada. Gold Frame: Cait's grandma, aunties, uncle & mom

Clockwise from top: Cait's uncle with a goat, Map of Cork City, 2016 Christmas party, Long Frame (Cait's Grandparent's, Staff Christmas Dinner 2015, Taste of Cayman 2018, John's family cottage in Ireland, Cait's grandparents, John's family cottage in Ireland.), John & son on Red Sail Catamaran.

Jam night in Fidel's Beer Garden 2017

Top: Gramph's 80th, Middle: Visiting the Galway Butchers (Where local butcher, Ken, began his career), Bottom: Cait's grandparents on their wedding day.